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Huzur Mezar - Turkey's Tombstone Manufacturer

Huzur Mezar is the leading tombstone construction firm in Turkey with its well-established franchise network spread around all the cities accross the country. Huzur Mezar has the most advanced technology infrastructure in the sector and produces the highest quality tombstone models with affordable prices especially those that are made of thick granite and marble.

Hundreds of uniquely different tombstone models are listed on our website at that can be ordered online. We are also experts on producing special design mausoleums on request. We also provide additional products such as 3D embossing, QR code biographies and porcelain color photos on tombstones if demanded.

All our models are produced at our factory based in Ankara and delivered to any region accross Turkey through our unrivalled network of local franchise firms. All our franchise firms guarantee the quality commitments of our brand name "Huzur Mezar". All our tombstone models are designed to last for years bearing all sorts of external factors with the highest quality material.

Please visit our website for more information on our tombstone models and prices at